Play Golf to Learn Golf

Play Golf to Learn Golf has been referred to as the most unique, useful and ground breaking book ever published in the golf industry. With over 30 years of coaching experience, Michael Hebron helps readers to understand the difference between learning versus teaching environments and how the application of learning techniques can significantly enhance your ability to make progress with any sport including your game of golf. PGA Teacher of the Year and Master Professional, Michael Hebron, combines the nature of the golf swing and playing the game of golf with research into the nature of learning and neuro learning. Michael has been invited to talk about acts of learning and teaching at Yale University, MIT, on the Charlie Rose Show, and numerous school districts. With the assistance of research from leading educators and scientists, Michael has studied brain compatible learning principals for over two decades.

The Art and Zen of Learning Golf

This 159 page manual shares insights into approaches to learning a motor skill. Suggested 
information comes from many sources including research from the Bio-mechanical Departments of 
U.C.L.A., Temple and Pittsburgh University. The book is not on what you are learning, but how you 
are learning.

The PGA Master Professional designation is awarded to only a select few and Mike Hebron once again demonstrates why he is worthy. Hebron is the first to make such a bold statement as "A motor skill cannot be taught, it can only be learned." How we learn is a subject well researched in major universities, but relatively void from sports instruction prior to Hebron's release of The Art and Zen of Learning Golf. This book shares the tricks of the trade on motivation, enjoying the journey of growth, overcoming fear, and the assets of the Mental Game.


A must read for every serious golfer who wants a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of the golf swing. It's one of the best books on the golf swing in publication and truly focuses on the motions and actions present in all sound golf swings. Explanations and the many illustrations are easy to understand. Hebron quotes Ben Hogan and Bobby Jones throughout the book. Originally his Masters thesis, now a classic in the industry. Third revision refines the book even more than prior editions.


The quintessential manual for golf instructors, coaches and curious minds of any sport. This manual, filled with powerful photos and drawings, is a must for any serious golfer's bookshelf. Each of the 3 sections is a manual in and of itself. Hebron shares a lifetime of extensive research on the sports mind and body, then relates the information to the golf swing. By understanding the roll of each moving and thinking part in a motor skill, readers are placed in a position to build a golf swing (or any motor skill) that is controlled, repeatable and permanently learned. Hebron, who holds one of the first PGA Master Professional designations for golf instruction, has been recognized for his achievements through such prestigious awards as The Horton Smith Trophy, PGA Teacher of the Year, Golf Magazine's Top 50 Instructors in America and voted by his piers as one of the Top 5 Instructors in America according to Golf Digest. 420 pages

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